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''Pyskowice - an attractive, living and relaxing friendly centre that  combines cultural and natural values with modern investing opportunities..."

 (the leading motto of „The Development Strategy for the Town of Pyskowice)



Pyskowice is a conveniently located town nearby the main routes leading towards Poznań and Opole as well as highways A4 and A1 (the latter one still being in the process of building) The railway line runs through the town too.

There are a lot of factors that make Pyskowice attractive, among other things: good conditions for establishing enterprises, the development of transport system in the region of Silesia, the economical transformation, restructuring and privatization of companies in progress, the nearby located Special Economic Zone in Gliwice, as well as big urban areas of Gliwice, Zabrze and Bytom.

There are four special Zones for Economic Activation in Pyskowice and they are 450 hectares of land altogether. These are: the Gliwicka Zone (54 ha), the Toszecka Zone (about 200 ha), the Poznańska Zone (about 120 ha) and the Piaskowa Zone (about 80 ha)

According to the resolution of the Town Council IX/79/07 from 27th June 2007, all  investors are exempted from property tax (the properties located in the District of Pyskowice) pursuant to the ''de minimis" rule.


Lots of investors have already seized the opportunity offered by the town. The companies like Schenker, Kurotec, Eurocolor and Komsta have established their seats here since the year 2004.

For the last few years we have been observing the increase of significance of Pyskowice for our region and, at the same time, interests of investors who recognize the town a potentially convenient area for investing.

The lack of barriers in infrastructure important for development of any kind of production and service, housing construction, logistic base etc. is a significant advantage which supports the development of the town.

Pyskowice has a full capacity to provide energy, gas and water supplies and is a perfect place to create conditions for developing new technologies.

The District is located in the ecologically clean area which may positively influence the development of tourism. The water and forested areas of Dzierżno Małe Lake, the wide valley of The River Drama and spacious farmlands and meadows are scenic advantages of Pyskowice.

We are kindly inviting you to visit our town and invest in it!