Public Library

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna

Public Library 

44-120 Pyskowice 
Plac Józefa Piłsudskiego 1,

tel. 0048 32 233 24 75



Public Library in Pyskowice is preoccupied with collecting books and promoting reading. It makes its book collection available in three branches: Lending Library, Reading Room for Adults, Children's Unit and Branch Nr 1.

Readers can use a 75 thousand volume collection and 65 kinds of various magazines. The universal book collection is suitable for all age groups.

In all of the branches readers can choose the books they wish on their own as there is free access to the bookshelves.

As a part of "Icon" project, the aim of which is to provide the local community with an easy, common and free internet access, the library offers an internet reading room with 3 stands. Branch Nr 1 offers an internet stand too. Multimedia, educational programmes and computer games are available at Children's Unit and Branch Nr 1. During the office hours readers can also use a computer catalogue.

The library acts in the area of education and cooperates with primary schools, gimnazjums, Social Education Unit, kindergartens and residents of Pyskowice. The Philatelic Society has its seat in the institution.

As a local information centre it provides the community with broad access to knowledge and information of any kind, promotes literature and reading.